Morimoto Imperial Pilsner by Rogue

Morimoto Imperial Pilsner by Rogue

Posted on 10. Feb, 2010 by in Rogue Ales, Video Beer Reviews


Rogue has been providing us with some exceptional beers. The labels and bottle designs are all very interesting and usually prepare you very well for what you are about to drink. The Morimoto Imperial Pilsner was made/chosen by Mr. Morimoto who appeared on the Iron Chef. This is an Imperial Pilsner so the alcohol content is up into the 8% range and should have a stronger flavor. According to Daniel, they drank this beer on the death star!

The bottle is ceramic and can be used in bottling your own beers! This is an award winning bottle so make sure you save it for your collection.

The beer pours a golden haze with about an inch of head. The head holds very well and has a crisp white color. Not a ton of carbonation and looks similar to many hefeweizens.

The smell started off very sour. It has a strong yeasty smell and the signature pilsner skunk aroma. Based on the smell, I wasn’t real excited to give it a taste.

The taste was surprising. Very smooth, had the czech skunkiness but not overpowering and was very drinkable. After tasting the beer, the smells mellowed out and I could get much stronger smells showing through. It was tough to get through the sour smell but once you were past it, this smelled and taste pretty good. I would drink it again!

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